The H2H Sales Scripts™ School is here.

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This school is designed to offer courses and coaching on sales conversation topics. Since 2015, we've been working with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries on what we call "the conversation connecting humans to value" to help them convert higher in modern selling scenarios.

The goal of H2H in sales and marketing is to achieve the highest level of results possible while never losing trust with prospects. We hope to help folks like you adapt the same mindset.

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Course & Consulting Available Now
Course & Consulting Available!
  • The 120+ min video course with script templates, breakdowns, & real examples here.
  • Custom scripts written for multiple scenarios
  • Training with Ryan P
  • Outsourced sales devel via SHP services
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Available Upon Request
  • Custom email scripts and sequences available upon request using the H2H method
  • Course coming soon...
Available Upon Request
  • Custom sales demo & presentation scripts available upon request using the H2H method
  • Course coming soon...

Meet Papa Prospecting,

The Antithesis of Human-to-Human Marketing & Sales

You may not even realize it, but you were probably taught outdated sales techniques and poor sales ethics at some point. This guy feel familiar? Yah, we hate to admit it too. But Papa is why we created H2H Sales Scripts™-- to call out poor sales ethics and re-introduce selling for the 21st century.

Meet Ryan P. He is the Founder & Principal Consultant of H2H Sales Scripts™ .

Ryan started writing custom sales scripts online for businesses online for $5 in 2015 before seeing that many of these companies needed help with prospecting calls as well. He founded Superhuman Prospecting, an outsourced sales development firm that currently seats 35 team members and serves 70 businesses monthly across the USA and the globe.

The data found from 500k prospecting calls and over 10k sales appointment set in over 50 industries enabled the relaunch of H2H Sales Scripts™ to be based in not just experience, but data. The methods used to reach these results are shared in this school.

Ryan S. Pereus, Founder & Principal Consultant, H2H Sales Scripts™